Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Bmw Keeps going into limp mode why? please help!?

I thought i had solved my auto problem in my 1992 318i but its come back. The limp mode comes on and i lose 1st and 2nd gear. I have recentley changed the oil, didnt fix it, the alternator was a bit dicky so i was told that could be it so i replaced that. It seem to work ok for a few weeks and then came back. Posting on bimmer forum i was told not to drive it like an old man but to put a bit of spirit into it. So i tried driving a little harder, apart from finding the little kid in me, the problem went away. Now 3 months later it's back no matter how i drive it. Its also now hanging in gear and needs to be manully changed sometimes. Anyone had this problem ??


My Bmw Keeps going into limp mode why? please help!?antispam

You might try having the computer reset to "default" (the original program) and see if that has any effect.

My Bmw Keeps going into limp mode why? please help!?avast

take to a shop that can read its' trouble codes. it doesn't mean you have to take it to a bmw dealer either.
Oh dear! Dicky autos can be very expensive to fix. Suggest that you don't listen to the pub talk "experts". Is your automatic gearbox electronically controlled or is it purely hydraulic? Note that all automatics have CLUTCHES or (on very old models) BRAKE BANDS. As the friction material wears away from the linings it contaminates the "oil" (automatic transmission fluid). Now a lot of automatics have a FILTER that can get clogged up. When this happens the gearbox won't work properly until it is hot and the fluid gets "thinner". Sometimes draining off the old fluid and putting in new will help, but it is better to drop the oil pan and replace the filter (needs a clean dust free area) Ensure that you do use the correct fluid by the way. If this does not solve the problem the cost may be quite horrendous. Good Luck.
The problem here is that it's a BMW. Next question.
The car is ancient, its what 16 years old. Sounds like you need the trans rebuilt and a new clutch put it while you are at it.
Lets try this first. get in the car turn it on and pull the shift lever down slowly gear by gear and look at the selection readout on the dash. If the readout shows what gear you selected then its not what is commonly the problem. IF the read out is not showing as it should the shift selector switching network is bad. This switching network is NOT in the transmission is wrapped around the actual shifter you grab on to down deep in the center console. What commonly happens is either change or a foreign object usually metal had dropped down there and messed it up. OR a beverages have been spilled down into it. Or its just worn out. I find huge amounts of change in these shift selectors all the time. One car had 52 bucks and a few cents in it.

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  1. My 1995 525 wagon went into limp mode after letting the battery go flat. After a charge, everything seems okay. Can this be caused by a battery issue?