Monday, August 17, 2009

1987 BMW 320i E30. Big problem..?

Now, we all went out on a Friday night in the car, a friend was driving the car and attempted a burnout for his second time, he had the handbrake up, clutch in, revved the car up to about 6-7000 RPM, dropped the clutch but was too late off the handbrake, the car jumped foward with a huge bang, then there was just a rattling when he tried accelerating. No power at all, the car just wouldn't move, and it was revving and had a loud rattling coming from the rear axle. And an oil fluid was leaking from under the car. Now we have very limited mechanical knowledge, a possible broken driveshaft maybe? Thats what the owner of the car speculated but he also has no mechanical knowledge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

1987 BMW 320i E30. Big problem..?vista

You probably snapped your UV joint. It connects your driveshaft to your transmission and rear diff. You don't have to use the hand brake to do a burnout. All you have to do is hold the clutch down, give the accelerator about 10 good pumps slowly leading up to higher rpms and then quickly let off of the accelerator. Either way you can still crack your UV joint though.

1987 BMW 320i E30. Big problem..?antispyware

You are right that the drive shaft may have broken. But it is more probable that the differential itself got damaged (like drive shaft flange and mating pinion's splines).

A quick look beneath the car at the exact point that the oil leak is coming from would give you a clue.
why would you let him abuse your car like that hope he has alot of money to fix it it will cost a ton to fix it good luck
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